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Technology in Motion is a widely respected orthotic clinic with practices throughout the UK, providing the very best in orthotic consultancy and corrective technology. Their registered professionals offer biomechanical assessment and specialist orthoses with a view to improving mobility and way of life.

Using high-calibre orthotics for children and adults, including cranial remoulding helmets, knee bracing, orthopaedic footwear and more, their orthotic clinics address a range of paediatric, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Their team of clinical orthotists work hard to provide their clients with the right solutions to suit their requirements, lifestyle and budget.


computer-mouseWe continually monitor, adjust and actively manage their PPC campaign to maximise their return on your investment.

seo A managed SEO campaign which consists of site restructure and creation of relevant on page content. We use our well trained eyes to seek new keyword opportunities that have the potential to drive new and relevant traffic to their site.

pencilA targeted content marketing campaign that people want to share and promote, generating a network of quality backlinks to maximise brand exposure and audience reach.

money-graph-with-up-arrow A conversion rate optimisation service which consists of carefully researched and targeted messages to appeal to relevant customers and ensure the best possible return on investment.

add-contactA social media marketing campaign to promote the latest blog posts and articles and provide interaction between parents and health professionals. Our social media also provides healthcare education and regular updates in research and technology.


Average 59.68% year on year increase in organic search traffic.

Average 118% year on year increase in leads.

92.8% increase in traffic in 2015.

A loyal partnership for 4 years.

The Zelst team have held our hand and helped our company grow since our Management Buy Out six and a half years ago. We knew nothing about how SEO works and how to use it to find clients online. With their help and advice, we’ve managed to grow from a small company with 3 UK outlets to having a national presence now with 18 profitable outlets and growing. Their advice and work on our behalf has meant that we have grown to be number one in our field online, all within budget both for their work and our marketing spend. We would not be where we are now without the help of Zelst.

Steve Mottram MBAPO
Managing Director
Technology in Motion Ltd

Technology in Motion’s growth has been staggering and it is the undisputred leader in its field, helped by massive growth in its organic search visibility and traffic, fabulous content and a highly effective PPC campaign.

Peter Van Zelst
Managing Director
Zelst Limited

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