Our client, a gift site, had been with us a number of years and had seen impressive growth with their business. In 2012, they decided to migrate their website from the no longer supported Interspire Platform to a CS Cart platform.

Because of their previous growth and success of their various digital marketing channel campaigns and because they believed that the switch to a new platform and website would significantly boost conversions and improve the conversion rate, the client decided (against our strong advice) to completely change their category structure. The client modified their category structure to one which they believed was more user friendly and intuitive and therefore reduced their focus on SEO, diverting their marketing spend into other areas.




Our client went from a growth in organic traffic in the first 8 months of 2012 of over 30%, to Zero growth in the next six months and an overall decline of nearly 40% in Organic Traffic in 2013.

Despite increased spend on PPC and other channels, overall traffic was down and, for the first time since we had worked with them, overall sales were down by over 17%.

After a frank and sometimes heated discussion in early 2014, it was agreed to implement the category structure and SEO recommendations that we had originally outlined and increase their investment in SEO to our recommended level.

We commenced the campaign in February 2014 and in the first three months were able to stabilising rankings and search visibility and stem the haemorrhaging of traffic.

By May, we had seen the first positive increase in traffic, boosted by improving rankings and by the end of the year were seeing month on month increases of over 150%, resulting in an overall increase in organic traffic of over nearly 45%.



This trend has continued and in 2015 we saw a 38% increase in organic traffic, with December 2015 being their biggest ever month by over 50%. Overall revenue was up by nearly 27% to deliver a record breaking year.