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Sarah is the senior point of contact for all campaigns, establishing strong long-lasting relationships with clients and making sure they are always happy.

Sarah also takes care of all our accounts and admin so whenever you have a payment to make or a question to ask about your account, you can always count on Sarah for a prompt and helpful response.

Having initially embarked upon a career in horticulture, studying at Askham Bryan College and working in the houseplant industry, Sarah moved back to Yorkshire and joined a marketing company. Sarah progressed rapidly through the company to end up running their Photographic Studio where she gained an extensive knowledge and experience of offline marketing and the cut and thrust of agency life.

Sarah is married to Peter and they have three children. Outside of work and family, Sarah enjoys yoga, reading, walking and watching rugby. She is also partial to a spot of gardening and tries gamely to train their dog, Pongo.


A Week in the Life of Sarah

MONDAY Monday morning starts with our team meeting to catch up and plan the week ahead.  As the person responsible for the accounts I like to be aware of what is happening with each client and to keep up to date with any developments.  In my role, it is easy to not be...

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