A challenge for any SEO is maintaining growth with a site, particularly when it is mature and not suited to the latest trends. A common perception is that it is good to switch marketing and creative agencies over time, to generate an influx of new ideas. The counter argument to this is that in that switchover you lose all the understanding of the business that the old agency had whilst the incumbent agency finds its feet. In SEO terms you can often generate quick gains which are not sustainable in the long term, so, in many cases, the mark of a good (and ethical) SEO agency is whether they can deliver sustainable growth, year on year. We have worked with our client in the medical industry for nearly ten years and have helped that business grow from a very small base to being a leader in its field, delivering solid, year on year growth in organic traffic. The challenge for us last year was maintaining growth of their site based on an old and very outdated and unfriendly platform, whilst their web developers worked on a brand new responsive Magento site. Added to this, the client was unwilling to invest significantly in a site that they would be dispensing with and their old site was very not responsive for mobile use, in a year where mobile really took off and the growth in mobile traffic soared. The new site was due to go live in March 2015, so our focus for the early part of the year was preparing for the migration of the site. This did result in a stagnation of search visibility and traffic. Realising that, despite the client’s best will, the site would not go live for some time, we switched our focus to undertaking further optimisation of the old site, developing and refining the site content and building new deeper content. Despite mobile visibility being some 10% less than desktop search visibility and all of the other problems we faced, we still managed to improve overall search visibility by nearly 40%. We saw a sustained improvement in their organic traffic, peaking at a near 60% increase in December and delivering a 34% increase in organic traffic over the year with a similar increase in revenue.