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In the battle to get found online, it’s not enough just to ‘be the best’. Even if you’re a natural-born leader, establishing your dominance online takes some serious grit and determination. And we’re not talking about relentless keyword stuffing or rapid-fire link building: today, SEO involves a far subtler plan of attack.

Done well, SEO (search engine optimisation) can dramatically improve a website’s visibility in the organic (unpaid) search engine results. A well optimised site receives more traffic and higher levels of engagement than its poorly optimised competitors.

In days gone by, you could achieve this by cramming pages with keywords and obtaining links from spam factories. Since then, Google has become much more intelligent and today culprits are dealt with every bit as brutally as you might expect from a company that prides itself on providing a valuable experience for users.


We make it our duty to follow the latest developments in this ever-evolving landscape. This gives our clients the best possible chance of getting found for the search terms their customers are using.

We will research your business, industry and customers to get a clear picture of the best keywords to target. These will include the core keyword terms used on your main navigation pages as well as the long-tail keywords that might be used to find your blog content, buying guides and so on.

We’ll also take a good look at the structure of your website to see if it could be better laid out to meet visitors’ needs. Using this information and our extensive experience, we’ll develop a tailored strategy to maximise your on-page optimisation in accordance with SEO best practices.

Finally, we’ll investigate the quality and quantity of links coming into your site. We’ll identify and endeavour to fill any obvious gaps in your link profile and remove any links that might be considered spammy. This indicates to Google that your site is a relevant and credible source of information.

It has been a pleasure to work with Peter and the Zelst team. Zelst really understands digital marketing but what makes them standout is that they are able to identify what your business needs, articulate this clearly and then deliver on it. They are proactive, responsive and are always willing to help out.  I would definitely recommend them.

Charlotte Dyson

Marketing Manager, Inn-Fresco



Like everyone, we’re at the mercy of Google’s algorithms and can’t guarantee you an instant number one spot or an overnight boom in traffic. Anyone who says they can is lying to you. What we can do is develop an SEO strategy that will help you reach more customers and grow your business online.

This means you’ll get found for the search phrases that are important to your organisation, visitors will be more inclined to engage with your brand, and they’ll remain loyal to you rather than playing the field, so to speak. The results? Abundant traffic, sales galore and legions of happy customers.


Want to keep your website in peak condition? A site audit may be just what the doctor ordered.


Keyword research and digital marketing go hand in hand, and one cannot occur without the other.


Technical optimisation increases your chances of getting found for your chosen search terms, no matter which routes people are taking to reach it.


Conversion rate optimisation aims to rectify any interruptions in the sales cycle, turning more clicks into profits.


When dealing with SEO wrongdoers, Google doesn’t take any prisoners. Justice will be served in the form of a Google penalty.


It’s the road to success for businesses that want to go places. Local SEO puts your business on the map for searches that are relevant to you.

SEO is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Discover how we can help you survive Google’s algorithm updates and crush the competition.