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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) can dramatically improve your website’s visibility in the organic (unpaid) search engine results. A well optimised site receives more traffic and higher levels of engagement than its poorly optimised competitors.

Ther are lots of definitions of what, exactly, SEO is, however, at Zelst, we believe it is simply about optimsing your website, pages, content and message for your target audience, be it customers, users, employees, job applicants or whichever stakeholder you are trying to appeal to.

There’s no point in having a great product, service or message if no-one can find you, similarly what’s the use in having traffic if you don’t connect and engage with it?

With over two decades of extensive experience, training and expertise, a commercial focus, a proven track record of success and a particular set of skills, Zelst are ideally positoned to be your perfect Search Engine Optimisation Partner and deliver the ultimate in SEO for your organisation.


Average Organic Traffic Growth Across Clients


Average Increase in Search Visibility


Average Return on Investment for Clients

Building Successful SEO Campaigns for Over 10 Years

We make it our duty to follow the latest developments in the ever-evolving search engine landscape. This gives our clients the best possible chance of getting found for the search terms and phrases their customers are using.

We will research your business, industry and customers to get a clear picture of the best keywords to target. These will include the core keyword terms used on your main navigation pages as well as the long-tail keywords that might be used to find your key information, blog content, buying guides and so on.

Every website is at the mercy of Google’s algorithms and we can’t guarantee you an instant number one spot or an overnight boom in traffic (and never trust anyone who says that they can). What we can do, however, is to develop an SEO strategy that will help you  engage with a wider audience of targeted people,  reach more customers, grow your presence and business online and which has been proven to deliver an average 75% annual organic traffic growth for our clients.

This means you’ll get found for the search phrases that are important to your organisation, visitors will be more inclined to engage with your brand, and they’ll remain loyal to you rather than playing the field, so to speak. The results? Abundant traffic, sales galore and legions of happy customers and stakeholders.

Google Partners

Zelst are long term Google Partners, specialised in Search Ads, Mobile and Shopping, with highly trained and experienced Google Certified specialists.

Bing Partners

Zelst are long term Bing Ads Partners, with a team of highly trained and experienced, Bing Certified Professionals.

Facebook Business Ads

Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure your Facebook and Instagram Campaign will deliver results.

YouTube Advertising

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and an increasing number of people preferring YouTube over Television, reaching your target audience via video advertising has never been more achievable and affordable. Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure that your YouTube campaigns get results.

Extraordinary SEO Campaign Perfomance Based on Listening, Understanding, Committing and Delivering

We believe that the best relationships are built on mutual trust, openness and honesty. Just as you need to trust and believe in us in order to start working with us, we need to feel the same. Once we have established that, the rest takes care of itself.

Zelst only work with one company in any market, so if we work with you, we are totally committed to you and your success.

We take time to fully understand your business, your market, your team, your resources, your objectives your ambitions and your timescales and then carefully develop a unique strategy which will achieve market leadership for you, being totally honest with you about what this will involve, the likely timescales and what will be needed from you.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in pursuing, let’s start a conversation.

Featured Case Studies

Take a look at some brief examples ofour work. For more detailed NDA covered case studies, please get in touch

How Can You Tell if SEO Works?

How an Education Sector Site grew Its Organic Search Traffic by 370% in two years with Zelst, whilst its sister site went from 50% growth to 33% decline in 12 months after switching agency.

Building organic traffic to a brand new website

How we grew our travel client’s organic traffic by 23,753%, improved Domain Authority by 325%, Search Visibility by 783% and captured over 30 page 1 rankings in just 1 year.

Natural link building to increase domain authority

How we improved domain authority by 127%, followed linking domains by 7,897% and delivered a 121% increase in revenue in 3 years

Achieving market leadership in construction

How we increased search visibility by 864% and organic search traffic by 5,079% in 3 years.

Growing traffic using content

How we increased organic content traffic by 1,353%, improved domain authority by 165%, search visibility by 216% and contributed to an increase of 120% in revenue in 3 years.

How to Grow a Business Through a PPC Conversion Model

How Zelst Have Delivered a Return on Ads Spend (ROAS) of over 11 for our Health & Beauty ecommerce client and achieved over 94% Annual Sales Growth through Pay Per Click/Biddable Media.

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