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When dealing with SEO wrongdoers, Google doesn’t take any prisoners. If you engage in practices that violate its webmaster guidelines or fail to keep up to speed with the latest algorithm updates, justice will be served in the form of a Google penalty.

Some Google penalties are enforced manually to punish unnatural and unethical SEO practices aimed at manipulating a website’s rankings. If you’re found to be purchasing backlinks, obtaining low-quality links from questionable sources or publishing dubious quality or over-optimised content, prepare to watch your rankings plummet or worse, disappear from the search engine results altogether.

Penalties incurred as by-products of Google algorithm updates are less black and white. And whilst they might have endearing names like Penguin and Panda, don’t be fooled by their affectionate labels – they have the power to turn a top-performing website into an endangered species.


We start by doing some detective work to figure out why you have been penalised. If this is due to an algorithm update, we understand how unfair this feels, and we’ll use our knowledge, experience and expertise to get you back on track and adhering with the latest guidelines as soon as possible.

Two biggies to watch out for include:

Google Penguin. Penguin seeks and destroys sites pursuing aggressive link building tactics. If you’ve fallen foul of the Penguin update, we’ll comb through your link profile, pulling out spam sources such as low quality and paid backlinks. We’ll then ask for these links to be removed and request that the penalty be lifted.

Google Panda. Panda, on the other hand, takes serious issue with poor site structure and content. If you’ve suffered at the paws of Google Panda, we’ll look through your site and identify the low quality pages that may have contributed to the penalty. We’ll then evaluate the issues affecting each page and take steps to rectify them.

If your site penalty stems from the use of naughty ‘black-hat’ SEO tactics, our first port of call is Google Webmaster Tools to see if we can get the information we need straight from the horse’s mouth. If not, we’ll dig a bit deeper to find out the cause for ourselves and take immediate action to rectify this.

Whatever the cause of your penalty, we’ll use our know-how and industry-tested tools to make sure it’s lifted as soon as possible. We have everything we need to conduct extensive backlink analyses and clean-up operations as well as technical website crawls, content audits and continual Webmaster Tools reviews, so you can feel confident that your site is in safe hands.



In the dog-eat-dog world of digital marketing, even a minor drop in rankings can have a serious impact on your website’s visibility in the search engine results. That means fewer visitors, fewer sales and crucially, a severe drop-off in revenue.

Whether you’ve been ‘hit’ by Penguin or Panda or are being disciplined for SEO misconduct, our Google penalty removal service is your get out of jail free card, helping you get your site back up and running to its full potential as quickly as possible.

Even once everything is back to normal, we’ll continually tweak your site in accordance with the latest SEO trends, best practices and algorithm updates. More often than not, this enables us to alleviate potential threats before they have a chance to impact on your rankings, saving you from those heart-sinking moments of realisation.


Done well, SEO can dramatically improve a website’s visibility in the organic (unpaid) search engine results.


Keyword research and digital marketing go hand in hand, and one cannot occur without the other.


Want to keep your website in peak condition? A site audit may be just what the doctor ordered.


Technical optimisation increases your chances of getting found for your chosen search terms, no matter which routes people are taking to reach it.


Conversion rate optimisation aims to rectify any interruptions in the sales cycle, turning more clicks into profits.


It’s the road to success for businesses that want to go places. Local SEO puts your business on the map for searches that are relevant to you.

Been hit by a Google penalty?

We’ll help you bounce right back.

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