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Google Penalty Removal

When dealing with SEO wrongdoers, Google doesn’t take any prisoners. If you engage in practices that violate its webmaster guidelines or fail to keep up to speed with the latest algorithm updates, justice will be served in the form of a Google penalty.

Getting a penalty removed is challenging and requires careful research, planning, insight and experience. If the process is not followed correctly, your site can, sometimes, be in a worse situation than before or suffer for an extended period.

Because of our long experience in SEO, we understand what to do to comply with Google and build a sustainable Organic Search Campaign. We also have a detailed knowledge of what not to do and what others might do to game the system, which we have used in a number of cases where have had Google Penalties successfully removed.

With over two decades of extensive experience, training and expertise, a commercial focus, a proven track record of success and a particular set of skills, Zelst are ideally positoned to be your perfect Search Engine Optimisation Partner and deliver the ultimate in Google Penalty Removal for your organisation.

If you have, or believe you have, suffered from a Google Penalty speak to us today for a quick appraisal of your situation.


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What is a Google Penalty?

Some Google penalties are enforced manually to punish unnatural and unethical SEO practices aimed at manipulating a website’s rankings. If you’re found to be purchasing backlinks, obtaining low-quality links from questionable sources or publishing dubious quality or over-optimised content, prepare to watch your rankings plummet or worse, disappear from the search engine results altogether.

Penalties incurred as by-products of Google algorithm updates are less black and white. And whilst they might have endearing names like Penguin and Panda, don’t be fooled by their affectionate labels – they have the power to turn a top-performing website into an endangered species.

Whatever the cause of your penalty, we’ll use our know-how and industry-tested tools to make sure it’s lifted as soon as possible. We have everything we need to conduct extensive backlink analyses and clean-up operations as well as technical website crawls, content audits and continual Webmaster Tools reviews, so you can feel confident that your site is in safe hands.

In the dog-eat-dog world of digital marketing, even a minor drop in rankings can have a serious impact on your website’s visibility in the search engine results. That means fewer visitors, fewer sales and crucially, a severe drop-off in revenue. Our Google penalty removal service helps you get your site back up and running to its full potential as quickly as possible.

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