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SEO Audit

With Google becoming increasingly ruthless in its approach to ranking websites, audits are vital if you want to maintain a clean bill of health – and a prominent position in the search engine results.

We carry out periodic audits as a matter of course for all of our retained clients, however a Search Engine Optimisation Audit is a good place to start.

We’ll cover everything from quick wins and simple to implement improvements to complex structural issues that are holding your website back.

With over two decades of extensive experience, training and expertise, a commercial focus, a proven track record of success and a particular set of skills, Zelst are ideally positoned to be your perfect Search Engine Optimisation Partner and deliver the ultimate SEO Audit for you and your organisation.

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How to grow a business through a PPC conversion model

How we delivered a Return on Ads Spend (ROAS) of over 11 for our ecommerce client in the wig industry and achieved over 94% annual sales growth through biddable media.


average organic traffic growth across clients


average increase in search visibility


average revenue growth across clients

How does an SEO Audit work?

A website audit is an inspection of the inner workings of your site, its current issues and its areas for potential. Exactly what this entails depends on your needs, but its backbone is usually formed of a general site health audit covering technical issues such as hosting, server issues, speed and accessibility.

We’ll use industry-tested tools combined with our experience and knowledge to analyse your site and determine the best course of action. We will then collate all our findings in a clear, easy-to-read report, share our observations and consult closely with you to discuss their wider implications.

Carrying out an SEO audit is vital if you want your digital marketing strategy to perform to its full potential. It will give you a better understanding of your site history and background, helping you to learn from your mistakes and replicate your successes.

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