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Is your site showing up in the search results?

Are you wondering why your site isn't ranking well?


Want to keep your website in peak condition? An SEO audit may be just what the doctor ordered. With Google becoming increasingly ruthless in its approach to ranking websites, audits are vital if you want to maintain a clean bill of health – and a prominent position in the search engine results.

A website audit is an inspection of the inner workings of your site, its current issues and its areas for potential. Exactly what this entails depends on your needs, but its backbone is usually formed of a general site health audit covering technical issues such as hosting, server issues, speed and accessibility.

This may be extended to a full site health check covering all on- and offsite content, including the design and structure of the pages and the quality and quantity of the links coming in. Finer details might include the loading speed of the pages, the construction of the URLs (website addresses), duplicate content, keyword stuffing, content relevancy and quality and the use of meta tags (the snippets of code that tell the search engines what the pages are about).


We will don our surgical masks, pick up our scalpels and get to work, dissecting the anatomy of your website and diagnosing any issues with your current digital marketing strategy. Our tailor-made, full site health audits give a comprehensive view of the issues that are hindering your growth as well as any areas for opportunity.

We’ll use industry-tested tools combined with our experience and knowledge to analyse your site and determine the best course of action. Next, we will collate all our findings in a clear, easy-to-read report, share our observations and consult closely with you to discuss their wider implications.

Because audit reports contain lots of data that can be difficult to digest, we will always include a summary, a list of recommendations and a clear plan of action. Your site will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it’s responding well to treatment and to inform our ongoing strategy.


Carrying out an SEO audit is vital if you want your digital marketing strategy to perform to its full potential. It will give you a better understanding of your site history and background, helping you to learn from your mistakes and replicate your successes.

By equipping you with the insight that you need to improve your site’s usability and functionality, a full SEO audit can help you to keep Google and your users happy. Basing your strategy on detailed research gives you a fighting chance against the competition, enabling you to boost your visibility in the search engine results, enhance the user experience and maximise ROI.

Keep your website in the best of health.

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