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Technical Optimisation


It sounds scary, and it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. But the concept of technical optimisation is simple enough. In a nutshell, it describes any underlying SEO work that is performed to support a website’s content and ensure that it gets found by potential customers. Put another way, it’s the practice of making a website easy for the search engines to index and understand. Such efforts are rewarded with better rankings in the organic (i.e. unpaid) results and thus, a greater likelihood that people will find your website when they perform a relevant search. It also makes sure that all your efforts on getting people to your site are not wasted by them not being able to find you! The impact of technical SEO also extends to the user experience. Factors such as the speed of a site, the extent to which it is optimised for mobile devices and its navigational structure all affect our ability to find what we are looking for quickly and digest the information easily.


We begin by performing a full SEO audit known as a diagnostic crawl. This involves using complex software which mimics the ‘spiders’ used by the search engines to crawl a website and ‘index’ (list) its content. The faster the spiders can crawl your site and the easier it is for them to find their way around, the better found in search results it will become. If the pages take an age to load, provides a poor experience on mobile or are difficult to navigate, the spiders’ progress is hindered. If they arrive at a page that seems to have been removed, they’ll stop in their tracks. If our fussy arachnids encounter duplicate content across multiple pages, they roll their beady little eyes in disdain and refuse to rank any of them particularly well. Once we have a full diagnostic list, we use this to fix all issues in order of priority until the spiders can scuttle through your site without a care in the world. This improves your chances of ranking for relevant keywords and phrases whilst ensuring the best possible experience for visitors.


Technical optimisation increases your chances of getting found for your chosen search terms, no matter which routes people are taking to reach it, whether through local, video or image search, or via social media. It also helps you to give users a pleasant experience, encouraging them to stick around for longer. This means they’ll be more likely to come back again and tell their mates about you. Crucially, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you.
SEO Done well, SEO can dramatically improve a website’s visibility in the organic (unpaid) search engine results.
KEYWORD RESEARCH Keyword research and digital marketing go hand in hand, and one cannot occur without the other.
WEBSITE AUDIT Want to keep your website in peak condition? A site audit may be just what the doctor ordered.
CONVERSION RATE OPTIMISATION Conversion rate optimisation aims to rectify any interruptions in the sales cycle, turning more clicks into profits.
GOOGLE PENALTY REMOVAL When dealing with SEO wrongdoers, Google doesn’t take any prisoners. Justice will be served in the form of a Google penalty.
LOCAL SEO It’s the road to success for businesses that want to go places. Local SEO puts your business on the map for searches that are relevant to you.

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