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achieving 196.99% increase in search visibility using targeted optimisation

Stats so good, they should be illegal.

Read on to learn how we increased organic search traffic by 54.87% in 2020 for our client in the legal sector using targeted optimisation which fed into a much stronger organic footprint against their closest competition.

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increase in organic traffic


increase in search visibility for core service area

first page rankings for core service area

Traffic from Organic Search and Ranking Improvements throughout 2020

Ranking Improvements
Organic Traffic Improvements

We were approached back in September 2018 to support our legal client through a site migration and then once the website was live, increase their visibility, rankings and most importantly, leads through their website.

Through a carefully developed and targeted integrated search and content campaign we grew organic search traffic by 54.87% and increased their visibility by 196.99% in their chosen legal service area. This fed into a much stronger organic footprint and led to a number 1 ranking of one of their most competitive terms “leeds barristers chambers”.


Zelst were engaged following a referral from one of our design partners and as it was our first big project within the legal sector, we took the time to understand the business, its target customers and the company goals and objectives for the year ahead.

The first year was spent working alongside our design partner to facilitate a successful site migration and map out a new site hierarchy, with optimised landing pages to satisfy their users and Google.

Now that the design and functionality of the website was much better, it needed expert help to be seen and get found by the right customers.

services utilised

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Many thanks for your continued support. I am very happy with the progress of the site and the flexibility we have to make changes and promote new areas. Here’s to another successful year!

Jayne Drake
Senior Clerk

the strategy

Once we had the right foundations in place in terms of the successful site move, we then moved into more targeted optimisation based on the client’s chosen service area. It’s quite common for barristers and solicitors to be flexible in terms of their core focus, based on the changing demand for specific legal services.

For example, in the earlier part of 2020, the legal area of Fraud was requested as our focus. We implemented an intensive strategy that included:

  • Keyword research to find new fraud-related terms to target.
  • Identifying opportunities to rank higher for previously targeted keywords.
  • Creating new content in blog post form to target a series of fraud-related search terms.
  • Optimising existing pages and republishing blog posts to target fraud-related search terms more aggressively.


Featured Snippets

All these processes involved carrying out competitor research and emulating structures of pages that had captured relevant featured snippets.

By targeting search terms through developing existing page content and creating a series of new content, we have seen a huge increase in rankings.

Our client ranked on the first page of Google for 68 other fraud-related search terms, and the featured snippets soon followed.

Keyword Rankings

the result

Not only have we climbed up the ranks for fraud related terms, we have also seen consistent improvements to the more competitive terms which are typically more challenging to gain good visibility.

Before we were engaged by our client, we were being outranked for their core generic terms. However, over the last 12 months, we have seen our targeted optimisation feed in to the growth of their local footprint too:

  • “leeds barristers chambers” ranking number #1
  • “barristers in leeds” ranking number #2
  • “leeds barristers” ranking number #2

Moving into 2021, our client is now highly visible across their most valuable search terms, they are attracting much bigger and better quality leads and they had a successful year despite all the challenges faced in the current financial climate.

Organic Traffic


A final word from our Senior Account Manager…

We understand the time constraints of barristers so we can work in a way that suits each barrister. Whether that’s optimising a piece of content that’s already been written by them, creating a new piece based on their area of focus and sending for approval or communicating solely through the clerk to create content based on feedback – we can work in a way that suits them.”

Sophie Singer

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