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Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Advertising


Pay Per Click (PPC) Search advertising, quite simply, is the fastest and most reliable way of getting your website to the top of a search for a particular keyword or phrase. When someone searches for your word or phrase, your text advert and a link to your site appear on the right hand side and/or the top of a search results page, pretty much guaranteed. Even better, you only pay the search engine, i.e., Google, Yahoo or Bing, when a visitor actually clicks on your link and visits your site and you decide how much you are willing to bid for each click. This gives you fast results and an immediate return on your investment, which you can measure in real time. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

The truth is if you select the wrong keywords, make the wrong bids, use the wrong ad copy or focus on the wrong audience you could end up spending a small fortune with no return or sinking without trace.ppc search engine marketing services

How to get the most out of PPC

By using Zelst's dedicated PPC Management and Search Engine Marketing Service, we will help you find and select the most relevant keywords for your business and your target audience, which will generate the most traffic and/or conversions for the lowest possible cost. We then monitor, adjust and actively manage your campaign using the latest data to maximize the return on your investment.

Who's Your Audience?

We will help you to work out which people you want to visit your site, who will want to buy from you or use your products or services and how they will search for you. This is important not only to ensure that we target the keywords that these people might use, but that we use the right messages to ensure they click on to your website rather than choosing your competitors. When you're paying for every click to your website its vital that your targeting is precise and you're bringing the right sort of people to your website.

What are Your Goals?

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there

Before starting any activity, you need to define what you want to achieve. By clearly defining your goals, in terms of sales achieved, leads, enquiries or even telephone calls, we can figure out exactly what needs to be done to convert the highest proportion of your potential visitors and at what stage of the buying or decision making process you need to attract them. We can focus our activity on the searches that achieve the optimum level of conversions/goals and eliminate the activity that produces the poorest results. This ensures your PPC campaign delivers the best possible results and you know exactly what you'll achieve for every pound you spend.

Which are your Keywords?

PPC generally works most effectively by converting a high proportion of relatively low volume, niche or 'long tail' keyword phrases. Unless you have a large pot of money or need immediate results, PPC tends to be too expensive for large volume keyword phrases. We select the most relevant keywords for your site and target customer and refine this through testing and analysis. We indentify the best target keywords for Natural Search optimization and focus on the keywords that will deliver the best results for your business and achieve the highest return on your investment.

Which copy attracts your customers?

Selecting keywords is one thing, making sure your target customers visit your site is another. By combining clear, carefully crafted, well written PPC Ads with the right keywords, we ensure you achieve the highest possible click through rates and your ads rank the highest at the lowest possible cost. We constantly and meticulously test a range of ads and messages in each keyword group to optimize your campaign.Google Adwords Certified Partner

How do you turn a visitor into a conversion?

We select the most appropriate pages on your site to target each keyword ad and where there isn't one we develop it with a clear message and call to action. We monitor this and split test to ensure your landing page achieves the best level of conversion.

Monitor, Measure, Analyse, Test and Adjust

We install full tracking to your site so that we can monitor every visit to your site, where they go, what they do and what they don't do. By continually monitoring, measuring, analyzing, testing and adjusting your keywords, ads, landing pages and site, we optimize the performance of your ppc search campaign and ensure you achieve the highest possible return on your investment.

How much will it cost? Any hidden extras?

We offer a fixed price, transparent monthly management fee dependant on the level of your click budgets/traffic spending and your precise needs. Alternatively we can work on a performance or payment by results basis. Call us now to see which works best for you.

See this PPC Case Study of how Zelst helped this great UK start-up business achieve record sales and profits through a co-ordinated PPC Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

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