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How we increased Search Visibility by 864% and Organic Search Traffic by 5,079% in three years.

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Having been let down by their previous agency, our construction industry client approached Zelst with their search visibility, organic traffic, sales pipeline and order book at desperately low levels.

Through a carefully developed and targeted integrated search and content campaign we increased Search Visibility by 864%, Organic Search Traffic by 5,079% and turned an empty order book into an overflowing one.


Zelst were approached by a Construction Industry Company in the spring of 2015. The company had suffered a significant drop off in search traffic since the back end of 2014, which had led to a serious downturn in orders and lack of work for the company. 

The company had worked with a high profile SEO and Digital Marketing agency which had misunderstood the company’s market and failed to develop and implement an Organic and Paid strategy which properly engaged with the company’s specific target market and delivered leads, leaving the company faced with a very serious dilemma.

When the company approached Zelst their search visibility was extremely poor and, although it was spending quite heavily on Google Paid Search, they were suffering from extremely poor engagement and virtually no quality leads.


When I first approached Zelst, website traffic was on its knees and leads were drying up. Since working with Zelst, the quantity and quality of leads have improved dramatically and the company are investing in new capacity to meet demand.

Managing Director

the strategy

At the initial meetings Zelst impressed the directors by their thorough research into and understanding of the situation and an outline strategy with objectives and timescales was presented to them.

Zelst were engaged in April 2015 and immediately set about getting to grips with the situation and developing and implementing an integrated Digital Strategy that would deliver the desired results for the company and achieve its objectives.

Recognising that relying purely on Organic Search would not address the immediate issues, given the time it would take to deliver results and the current lack of work for the company, Zelst undertook a major overhaul and rebuild of the client’s Google Ads account.

the result

Within 4 weeks the phones were starting to ring again and the order books was beginning to fill.
Similarly, the corrective action taken with the Organic Search campaign was also starting to bear fruit and by August, Organic Search visits were up by 455% on April.

By the end of 2018, their Search Visibility had increased by 864% to 30% and as a result Organic Search Traffic had increased by nearly 51 times or 5,079%.

Furthermore, Google Ads Cost per Conversion had been reduced by a staggering 85.1%, Search Impression Share more than doubled, whilst click through rate and average quality score had tripled.

By the end of 2018, the company were highly visible across search terms for all of their key areas of work, were attracting much bigger and better quality leads and had their best year ever.

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