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Growing Traffic by Content Case Study

How we increased our Health & Beauty client’s organic content traffic by 1,353%, improved Domain Authority by 165%, Search Visibility by 216% and contributed to an increase of 120% in revenue in 3 years.


Increase in Content Traffic from Organic Search in 3 Years


Increase in Followed Linking Domains in 3 Years


Increase in Domain Authority in 3 Years


Increase in ecommerce Revenue in 3 Years

Growing Content to Achieve SERPs Domination and Market Leadership

Recognising that their website was not mobile friendly and that its replacement would take some time to bring online, our Health & Beauty Client worked with Zelst on a content campaign which capitalised on their markets expanding need for quality guides, information and content, led to their site dominating its vertical’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), increased content traffic by 1353%, improved Domain Authority by 165% and contributed to an increase of 120% in revenue in 3 years.

Project Summary

Liz and Steve have an ecommerce business in the Health & Beauty Sector, which they have built from scratch to become a leader in their field. They have been working with Zelst for over 5 years, originally engaging Zelst when they were suffering from declining Organic Traffic. Zelst developed and implemented a strategy which turned around the decline and enabled Liz and Steve’s site to dominate their vertical’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and, in the five years they have partnered with Zelst, Organic Search Traffic and Revenue have nearly quadrupled.

Liz and Steve, however, had a highly customised bespoke site, which although it worked extremely well for their users on desktop computers, was not mobile friendly. Recognising that, in an increasingly mobile world, this would be a problem for customers and potential customers and would also negatively affect the site’s search visibility, it was decided in early 2015 to develop a new mobile friendly Magento website. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the site and Liz and Steve’s uncompromising approach to ensuring the customers experience was paramount, the site took a lot longer than planned to build and develop.

The Strategy

In the spring of 2016, recognising that the site’s organic visibility was suffering from this lack of mobile friendliness and realising that the new mobile ecommerce friendly site would not be ready for some time, Zelst suggested to Liz and Steve that a mobile friendly, WordPress blog be developed to sit alongside the main ecommerce site in a blog folder, to host content, guides and other information and help to continue the site’s growth, should the ecommerce site from poorer visibility.

Although, the site had been publishing regular content, the scale and type of content Zelst that were proposing was a major change and Liz and Steve were not totally sure, although they believed it was worth trying.

    Proven Results

    The content blog now accounts for over 20% of the overall site’s traffic. Content traffic has increased by 891%, with Content views directly from Organic Search up by 1,353%. Domain Authority has improved by 165% and the site is now a stand out leader in its field, helped by a 21,642% increase in Followed linking domains and 13,425% increase in total linking domains, as the high quality, authoritative content has been linked to more and more.

    Search Visibility has improved by over 216% leading to an increase in Overall Organic Traffic of 218% and contributing to a 92% increase in total traffic and 145% increase in revenue from Organic Search.


    Increase in Search Visibility in 3 Years


    Increase in Organic Content Traffic in 3 Years


    Increase in Total Linking Domains in 3 Years


    Increase in Revenue from Organic Traffic in 3 Years


    We have worked with Zelst for a number of years. Their willingness and ability to provide strategic direction for our ongoing campaigns make them valued partners . . . . and they are also, really nice people!

    All of the Zelst team play an important part of our strategies, as they are all very competent and knowledgeable in their own area of expertise. Our main point of contacts within Zelst are Peter and Sophie. Both are extremely diligent and completely trust their work ethic. All in all, a great team!

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